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Frequently Asked Questions
fish table games for real money

We do. Click the promotions link at the top of every page to see our current offers.

Make sure the funds you wish to cash out are in your play balance and not the safe. Then go to the withdrawal link found at the top of each page on our websites and fill out the form. You can chat with our Customer care Team for your withdrawal.

Please follow the instructions found here (click here) for deposit ID’s. When making a deposit always include your player iD and game room you are depositing to in the notes.

IM an agent and ask for a new password. Provide us with the PIN you created when you signed up and we will create a new password. You can then signin and change the password.

We can’t give legal advice but our understanding is if you aren’t in one of those states currently when you play you should be fine.

Please connect to our account managers through Whatsapp and they will provide your Player id and Password.

The basic idea behind a game of skill is that your abilities determine or contribute to the outcome. Traditional gambling doesn’t involve your skills and your chance of winning doesn’t increase with practice.

Yeah, we’re not perfect either. We do our best to keep all of our players happy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work. There have been times as well where we dropped the ball. We may have been busy and someone got overlooked. We ask that you complete a ticket and let us make it right. But if someone believes their best course is to leave a bad review we respect that. We don’t delete our bad reviews because we want full transparency and we are proud we have very few. It’s also is a reminder of the importance of communication.

Sure, checkout our game app help page, click here

Our Support
fish table games for real money

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Must Read these terms before you play

  1. The majority of the States in the United States of America apply a predominantly based on skill test when determining whether a game is one of chance or one of skill. A game of skill refers to any game, contest, or amusement of any description in which the outcome is determined by the judgement, skill, or physical ability (human factor) of the participant in the contest, rather than by chance. The human factor is essential to the outcome of the game.
  2. Our games are handpicked and predominantly based on skill. Players can compete against other players and use their "skills" in determining the outcome of the game. Players skills include but are not limited to strategy, statistics, mathematics, coordination, memory, analytical reasoning, and so on. Recognizing the various patterns of the fish, together with the random difficulty of the game and developing an everchanging strategy is required to master the games.
  3. Therefore, games on SweepstakesNearMe are deemed a game of skill and legal in the Majority of the States in the United States of America.
  4. A minority of the States apply an "any chance" test in their determination of whether a game is one of chance or one of skill. There is always an element of luck or chance in any game you play.
  5. We are not giving you legal advice, please consult with an attorney when determining whether you live in a Skill State and/or see our T&Cs.

If you agree with these terms you can play.

Thanks & Good Luck
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